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Six critical things to consider
when buying hardwood flooring
Don't be fooled by cheap flooring.

The primary mission of low-cost flooring suppliers is to reduce manufacturing costs so they can charge less-primarily by sacrificing quality. Their products may appear roughly similar at first glance, and that's their goal-but there are critical differences.

Below are several important factors for you to consider when buying hardwood flooring. Be sure to weigh them carefully before you move ahead with a purchase so critical to the value and beauty of your home!

1. Discount wood flooring or fine wood flooring?
2. Flooring stores vs. home improvement stores and flooring liquidators
3. Hardwood floors vs. carpet
4. Fixed vs. variable-width flooring planks
5. Engineered flooring vs. solid planks
6. Choosing a wood species

In addition to these factors, choosing the right floor for the right room and understanding basic interior design principles to match your hardwoods with your other home decor are critical. So with the help of interior design firm Larson+Shores we've assembled the following information to guide you in these areas:

Hardwood & Interior Design
Hardwood Floors by Room

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Finished Hardwood Floors