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Type of Wood > Walnut
Walnut Hardwood Flooring
Walnut is one of the most beautiful and high-end hardwood species you will enjoy for a lifetime. Its delightful swirling grain and rich dark brown tone makes the whole house shine. Our custom-scraping and dual hand stain adds more depth and real antique looking to the appearance. Please see below for a list of our beautiful walnut products.
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Highclere | Walnut
ECHG694 | Brown
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Rosecliff | Walnut
ECRC332 | Chestnut
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La Martine | Walnut
ECLM687 | Brown
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Marquette | Walnut
ECMQ694 | Brown
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San Pietro | Walnut
Amalfi Coast
ACSP478 | Golden
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Bergdorf | Walnut
ECBD687 | Brown
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Winchester | Walnut
ECWN899 | Golden
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San Pietro 8" | Walnut
Emerald Coast
ACCC478 | Golden
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Casini | Walnut
BSCA0894 | Brown
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Vinci 5" | Walnut
GPVI0815 | Chestnut
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